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We appreciate that owning and operating a restaurant is one of the hardest jobs there is ‒ made even harder in this time of COVID. Our mission is to help make to-go more sustainable, and we've heard from many of you that you share this interest. As with all choices you make in this business, the solutions need to be practical and the follow-through needs to be compelling.

Once we've helped you through the process, we're committed to promoting your restaurant with our users and social media followers. Today, the right choices for the planet and for your business are one and the same. We want to be at your service, free of charge.

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Jybe Store

"Greenwashing" is a form of marketing that convinces people that their products are sustainable even when they are far from it. The Jybe store is our solution. We only list items that are Earth-friendly so you can order what you need and then get back to work knowing that you are making sustainable choices for your customers and planet.

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Take-out Titleholder

Many restaurants are already making impactful, Earth-friendly choices in their to-go packaging - and we believe that should be rewarded. We created our Takeout Titleholder series to feature these restaurants on our social channels and in our blogs, as well as recommend them to influencers who post about their Jybe meals to followers who share their passion for sustainability. Think of it as free marketing for something you're already doing. We believe strongly in the power of a positive example, and will often put our own marketing dollars behind these posts to maximize their reach.

Jybe Jump

With your Jybe rating available for all to see, we hope many restaurants will opt to change from using single-use plastic and other no-go materials like fiber bowls with their "forever chemical" coatings. Some of the best alternatives are versatile and inexpensive products consumers are already familiar with. When this transition happens, we love featuring a great before-and-after photo in a social series we call Jybe Jump! Our Jybe Jump! promotions are very popular, have a growing audience and a great response rate.

Provider Playbook

Making the right choices isn't always easy. Many products have confusing and misleading marketing messages that lead well-intentioned people to buy materials that are far from eco-friendly. In fact, many that seem virtuous – like bio-plastic, or plant plastic – sound beneficial but are among the most harmful. The confusion leads to frustration, and busy owners and managers move on to the next issue needing their attention.

It's for that reason we created Provider Playbook, an all-in-one kit we'll deliver to your kitchen with a supply of eco-friendly materials – that you get to choose – for a full evening's to-go service. And it's free of charge. We've worked hard to find replacements for the most common plastic and fiber containers, and we're completely transparent about the sizes and cost-per-unit so you can compare what you use with what we recommend. If you and your customers like the change, we will connect you with our suppliers and get you on the path to sustainability.

Simple Swaps

For our restaurant partners who already have a comfort level with sustainable materials but still need to source a few key items, we offer Simple Swaps. Simple Swaps is a chance for you to try out a few, select items that will raise your JYBE score to a 3 or 4, with the same opportunities to be promoted to our members. We’ll work with you to choose the right items, then send you a day’s supply for your service.Write a description

Interested in being a part of our Provider Playbook or in making a Simple Swap?

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