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Earn money for ordering take-out and help Jybe launch in your city.

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  • Want to make $10 each time you order take-out for simply snapping a pic of your take-out packaging and answering 4 yes/no questions?*
  • Live in New York City?
  • Order take-out 3+ times a week?
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Jybe is here to help solve the single-use plastic crisis. Information leads to better choices, and choice is power for consumers who want their purchases to reflect their social values. We rely on users to report back on what types of materials are being used in their food deliveries and take-out so that we can inform other users and together we can all make better choices.

Being a Jybe Contributor simply means you report back on to-go food packaging. So what do we need? Fill out the form and we will get right back to you.

* Rules and restrictions
By signing up for the Contributor program, you agree to the following:
  • As a Jybe Contributor, a qualifying contribution must be based on real experiences and information. You must personally order a meal from the restaurant and submit a review that includes pictures of the food packaging to qualify for the $10 payout.
  • A meal should consist of at least one entree or main dish.
  • The restaurant being reviewed must be an independent restaurant. An independent restaurant is one that is not associated with any corporate chain or franchise and is run by the owner. Chain restaurants and franchises do not qualify.
  • Reviews for coffee and tea shops, bakeries, ice cream shops, groceries stores/markets do not qualify.
  • The same restaurant being reviewed multiple times, even if it's a different location, will qualify as one (1) restaurant review and therefore qualify for one (1) $10 payout.
  • A review's eligibility for payout as part of Jybe's Contributor program is at the sole discretion of Jybe.
  • Jybe may remove a Contributor from the program at any time at its sole discretion.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Jybe Contributor program.
  • If Jybe reaches the new city review threshold, contributors will be noticed via email and the incentive program will conclude.

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