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Jybe is here to solve the single-use plastic crisis and we need help from people, like you, who care as deeply about the problem as we do. Information leads to better choices, and choice is power for consumers who want their purchases to reflect their social values. We rely on users to report back on what types of materials are being used in their food deliveries so that we can inform other users and together we can all make better choices.

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Being an ambassador means you help us spread the word about Jybe's efforts to Crowd Solve the single-use plastic crisis. So what do we need? If you are in one of our active cities, great! Fill our the form and we will send you some tools to get you started.

Not in one of our cities? No problem. We are headed your way soon but need help reaching our rated restaurant goal so we can officially launch where you are. You can help us launch in your city, however, but applying to be a Contributor.

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