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Find Restaurants Using Sustainable Packaging

The Jybe App connects you with local restaurants that are working to improve their sustainability by using Earth-friendly packaging in their to-go ordering. How do we define sustainable? We prioritize materials that are renewable, naturally biodegradable and recyclable. Petroleum plastic, bio-plastic and Styrofoam are unsustainable, and harmful to the environment and our health. Check the Jybe App before ordering takeout to find food coming from green restaurants in your area.


Support Eco-Friendly Restaurants

Be a part of the solution to the deluge of single-use plastic! Use your spending power to show your values and order from restaurants committed to Earth-friendly packaging choices. When you order from a highly rated restaurant on the Jybe App, you show you care about the Earth and will favor restaurants making eco-friendly choices. Send a message that sustainability matters along with your food order!


Rate & Review Takeout Options

With the Jybe App, you review the sustainability of to-go packaging you receive in your food orders. Each rating (and photo) you submit with details ranging from plastic and styrofoam use to utensils and industrially composted materials (a.k.a. compostables), updates the restaurant’s rating. Jybe’s approach is to help every restaurant make eco-friendly changes to their takeout orders, and we will work with low-scoring members to help them improve. Review and rate your favorite restaurants today!


Help Grow Your Local Sustainability Movement

Using the Jybe App is the newest way to directly support local restaurants that are working toward a better environment through sustainable packaging. If you care about the environment and want to live in a world free of plastic and styrofoam pollution, the Jybe App can help you convince businesses to invest in sustainable packaging. You’ll also discover some great local restaurants along the way!

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